SkewerSpot is a unique snacking experience.

Our range of food items is unlike anything you will find elsewhere in India.

What more? All our products come at incredibly wallet-friendly prices.

How did it all started?

We are a bunch of food crazies driven by our mission “to make snacktime fun again” through our NEW, TASTY and HIGH-QUALITY products.

SkewerSpot is a family-owned food hub headquartered in Jalandhar, PB. The idea for it occurred in mid-2016 when one of the family members came back to India after a 4-month stay in the US. North America and Europe have the largest number of food trucks in the world. Waffle, a very popular breakfast item, is as abundant at food trucks as it is in restaurants. Westerners also have a bigtime liking for deep fried food. And so was born the idea to sell on-the-go waffles and potato chips.

We were the first ones to bring stick waffles and potato tornadoes to Punjab under a single ceiling. During our initial days, waffles and tornadoes were the only items we sold. The critical reception and warmth we received from Jalandhariites really encouraged us to expand our menu.

Today, we have 12 categories of items and close to a hundred offerings. This is not including the 350+ types of customizable waffles you can create on your own!

We take pride in our innovative recipes that allow us to maintain high standards of quality while keeping our prices pocket-friendly.

Our Team

Meenakshi Bhandari

Founder & Creative Principal

Simply put, Meenakshi loves good food. Have you heard about some people who are good at something without a formal education or training in it? Meenakshi is one of them. She is passionate about cooking and loves experimenting with new recipes. So, when friends, relatives and guests gave rave reviews for her homemade food, she knew she should one day reach out to a bigger audience. SkewerSpot is the realization of that dream. Not only did Meenakshi cultivate each recipe herself for all items on our menu, she continues to work hard on bringing more new & unique items for our foodie base and on defining newer directions for our food startup.

Pardeep Bhandari

Founder & Operations Chief

Pardeep is a seasoned businessman. Having been brought up in one of India’s food heavens–Amritsar–he is a big time foodie. He has a highly developed sense of taste that allows him to differentiate good food from not-so-good food from miles away! Pardeep is in charge of all business operations, sourcing and quality control. It’s because of his skills and planning that we have been able to offer you great food quality and generous quantity at reasonable prices. Like Meenakshi, Pardeep also loves to experiment with newer food items.

Sachin Kumar

Cooking Wizard

Just like Sachin Tendulkar was a wizard on Cricket field, Sachin Kumar is a wizard in the kitchen. Like the founders, cooking is his lifelong passion. Armed with a keen sense of taste, Sachin has helped perfect all our recipes through constant innovation. He loves to experiment and travels places to try out new food to try & bring something back home. At work, he wears different hats of chef and manager.